Air Sea Goods & Services Algeria ASGSA SARL, company founded in 2018 based in Oran (Algeria).

Supplying all type of ship in the west of the country after study of your needs.
Insuring whole Ship chandler service, spare parts supply, bunkering 24/7 basis at very competitive prices;

Our mastery in the supply chains (from the producer to the your vessel) take into consideration the strictest standards in terms of hygiene and food safety.

Our logistics allow you to :

  • Select quality products in quantity (equivalent to the organic labels) for fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, shellfish, drinks, groceries, cleaning products, etc.
  • Transport without breaking the cold chain (trucks refrigerators, cold room) frozen and fresh from the producer to our storage and packaging warehouses.
  • Take the greatest care in preparing your orders (cleaning, packing, inventory).

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